FLOOR 95% Agreement

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1675 Carr St. Ste. 101S
Lakewood, CO 80214
This agreement is made this ____day of _________________, 201__, by
and between Edelweiss Realty Co. and ______________________________, hereinafter
referred to as the Associate.
It is mutually agreed as follows:
1. Edelweiss Realty Co. shall pay to the Associate:
a.  95% of commission for sales of Associate's own listing. When the associate's listing
is sold by another Edelweiss Realty Co. Associate, the commission shall be divided
equally or an amount not less than the amount offered to co-op Agents.
b. 95% of commission from all co-op transactions.
2. Office and transaction fees
a.  Associate agrees to pay in advance $25.00 per month as reimbursement for general
office costs. All fees due to Metrolist shall also be billed to individual Associates.
b. Payments shall become due on the 15th of the month.
c. Associate agrees to pay a $100.00 transaction fee for each transaction closed.
d. Associate agrees to pay the cost of all advertising occurred in connection with his/her own
listing or when prospecting for his/her own buyers.
e. Associate agrees to pay Edelweiss Realty Co. .003 times the contract price of any real
estate sold or purchased, in which Associate acts as a principal.
f. Associate agrees to perform a minimum of four hours of floor duty per week.
3. Independent Contractor status
a.  Associate shall have independent contractor status. There shall be no withholding of funds
from the Associate's earnings for taxes or Social Security and Associate agrees to pay
them himself/herself.
4. Realtor membership
a.  Associate shall be a Realtor, and conduct his/her activities in a personal manner, in
conformance with Colorado law, Colorado Association of Realtors Code of Ethics, the
By-laws of their particular Realtor Organization, and Multiple Listing Service (Metrolist and
Ires included) rules.
5. Errors and Omissions Insurance 
a.  Each Associate shall pay cost and maintain the minimum amount of Errors and Omissions
as prescribed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and provide proof of payment to
Edelweiss Realty Co. immediately after each payment.
Signature of Associate    Social Security Number    Telephone Number   Signature of Sponsor
Address Number and Street               City                 Zip            Signature of Supervising Broker
Associate is currently a member of ______________(Realtor Organization).
On __________,201__Realtor application was sent to ______________(Realtor Organization)
Real Estate License No ______________Expiration Date ______________.